Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Earth and the Stars - Interactive type piece

Here is a very simple piece of interactive typography I have designed, that bridges the gap between the author and the reader. The user is able to move words to form two sentences that make up two possible phrases. I have produced this piece to help introduce myself to this type of concept, and I hope to produce some more sophisticated pieces in the future using more body text, and hopefully more than one user at a time!

Follow this link to view the piece and have a play for yourself -

You can also access my latest work through the News section of my website at

Monday, 3 January 2011

High Hampstead Bed and Breakfast Logo and Website

I have designed a logo and helped work on a website for the High Hampstead Bed and Breakfast in West Sussex. When designing the logo I decided to concentrate on using the form of an ancient bespoke door knocker that really makes the entrance to the building unique. I used the two parts of the door knocker to construct the S and T glyphs of the typographic logo. I have used small caps type in title case to help accentuate the form of the door knocker glyphs.

To view the completed website visit