Friday, 25 March 2011

Flatland [ISTD Student Awards]

Today I submitted my entry to the ISTD (International society of typographic designers) 2011 Student Awards, with the hope of gaining entry to their society. It's been one of the hardest weeks of my life this week, with very little sleep, and a lot of cycling around visiting various printers etc!

My entry is a Novel called Flatland written by Edwin A. Abbot in 1884. I have typeset the entire novel, consisting of 23,233 words over 178 pages, using 5 different paper stocks. I've focussed heavily on typographic detailing. Kering punctation throghout the book, and designing illustrative type. I've also designed a set of typographic devices and paper mechanic, that build upon the Novel's Narrative.
I have reproduced all of the illustrations of the Novel, to be in keeping with the choices of typography, and to communicate a very personal approach from the authors first hand tale.

I bound two copies of the book myself, which also required a lot of detailed and intricate paper cropping. Here are a few photographs of my finished books just before they went off for submission.